Monthly Archives: July 2008

I18n workaround for Spring form:options tag

Spring Framework provides the convenient form:options tag to render a list of <option> tags for a form <select>. Here is an example:

<form:select id="status" path="status" cssClass="text large" cssErrorClass="text large error" >
    <form:options items="${statusList}" itemValue="id" itemLabel="label"></form:options>

It does iteratate through statusList and will output each item as an option with the value statusList[i].id and the text statusList[i].label and automatically make the option corresponding to status selected.

Unfortunately form:options does not support i18n (internationalization), which make it in some cases rather worthless. I18n support is currently scheduled for inclusion in 3.0 M1.

To support internationalization we have to do a workaround that is somewhat more clunky:

<select id="status" name="status" class="text large">
  <c:set var="currentStatus">${currentStatus}</c:set>
  <c:forEach var="status" items="${statusList}">
      <c:when test="${status == currentStatus}">
        <option value="${}" selected><fmt:message key="status.${status.label}"/></option>
        <option value="${}"><fmt:message key="status.${status.label} quot;/></option>