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AppFuse and NetBeans: part 2

Some more tips about getting an AppFuse generated application into NetBeans.

  1. Pick archetype of choice, e.g.: mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=org.appfuse.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=appfuse-basic-spring -DremoteRepositories=http://static.appfuse.org/releases -DarchetypeVersion=2.0.2 -DgroupId=com.mycompany.app -DartifactId=myproject
  2. Run mvn
  3. Generate full sources: mvn appfuse:full-source
  4. Install the Maven plugin in NetBeans (Tools / Plugins / Search for Maven).
  5. Open the project (located the pom.xml file)
  6. Right-click the project name and select Properties
  7. In categories, select Run. Chose a server.
  8. In categories, select Actions. Check the box for Use external Maven for build execution.
  9. In main window, select Tools / Options / Miscellaneous / Maven 2.
  10. Now Run the project, and after a while a browser should open pointing you to the login screen.

AppFuse and NetBeans

Opening an AppFuse in NetBeans might be done in two ways, two ways that I managed to mix up the first time…

Either install the Maven plugin Mevenide2 for NetBeans, then you may simply open the Maven project generated by AppFuse directly. Without the Maven plugin, then you need to convert to project using mvn netbeans:netbeans (see previous post). Opening up a converted project with the NetBeans Maven plugin installed will result in badness.

Wondering where the source is? See this post.

AppFuse: Generate NetBeans project files

Using mvn netbeans:netbeans to generate a NetBeans project from AppFuse failed with the following build error:

The plugin ‘org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-netbeans-plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found

Apprently it cannot find the netbeans plugin. To fix this, open the pom.xml of the project and add a new plugin repository:


        ... keep the existing one ...


That’s it.

NetBeans LookAndFeel

Change look-and-feel of NetBeans by editing netbeans.conf located at:

<install dir>\etc\netbeans.conf

Find netbeans_default_options and add the following option to the line:

–laf javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel

This will change it to the nice Metal cross-plattform look-and-feel.

FAQ at NetBeans Wiki